Saturday, March 13, 2010

Josip and Croatia

People always wonder where I am from~

I look different - it's my nose that gives me away.

I talk with an accent - sometimes I even hear it, but my daughter Jazzy swears I don't have one. Fifteen years of living with me would do that to anybody!

I spell very bad English - in my world its called Cro-lish and it's excused simply because I am not American ;)

Yes.. it's obvious that I am a foreigner :))

I grew up partly in Germany .. but I'm originally from Split,Croatia where my father Josip still lives on the Adriatic Ocean.

Josip adores his home and has a very emotional connection with the Adriatic ... so much so that he named me after her. Calling me Jadranka .. ( his deep,dark and rich). I posted a picture of my father Josip sitting with his brothers, Stipe and Marko (Josip is the first one on your left). Behind them you can see our Vineyard that's been in our family for over 200 years!! My Fathers pride and joy.

I have very fond memories of this place I called home! Nights roasting lamb and fish.. singing and dancing with family and friends! Afternoon naps with the windows wide open allowing the ocean to sing me to sleep ~ Mornings waking up with the air crisp and chilly. The ground wet from the morning dew leaving my toes numb. Not sure as to why .. but thinking back I realize I spend most of my childhood barefoot! :))) Today I am 34 years old and still find myself forgetting my shoes, sometimes even on my way to church for work :)

My memories are countless and beautiful ..

Missing home today .. but mostly missing Josip ~

Pozdrav svima !

Jadranka Isabel ~


  1. This is why I love you so much....There are many layers of history, story, life and mystery and wonderment about you friend....never a dull moment! One day I promise I will met your dad and have a wonderful, memory filled time in Split!

  2. Love to hear more about your life pre-USA.